Tmc Seeks Launch Of Defence Ministry E-book

Tmc Seeks Launch Of Defence Ministry E-book On Azad Hind Fauj

Allegedly Bose himself was killed in a airplane crash departing from Taiwan trying to flee to Russia. The Provisional Government of Free India ceased to exist with the deaths of the Axis, the INA, and disappearance of Bose in 1945. Captain tonyleopod Doctor Lakshmi Swaminadhan was the Minister in Charge of Women's Organization.

For the organisation underneath Rashbehari Bose, see First Indian National Army. Almost all of the territory of the Provisional Government lay in the Andaman Islands, although the Provisional Government was allowed some authority over Indian enclaves in Japanese-occupied territories. Provisional Government civil authority was by no means enacted in areas occupied by the INA; as an alternative, Japanese army authority prevailed and accountability for administration of occupied areas of India was shared between the Japanese and the Indian forces.


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